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Blue Juice Blue Juice Valve Oil

ulje za ventile
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49.6 HRK
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49,60 kn
Bez PDV-a: 49,60 kn
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Cijena dostave: 184,00 kn
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Blue Juice valve oil was scientifically developed by a chemical and lubrication engineer who is also a trumpet player.  Blue Juice provides fast valve action, staying power to minimize the need for lubrication, and excellent protection against mold and bacteria growth. Blue Juice valve oil is used by professional players and beginners alike.  This is one of our more popular oils, and comes in a standard 2 ounce bottle or an 8 ounce refill size.


Model: BJ2
Oil for all valved instruments - piston and rotary
Engineered for fast valve action and staying power to minimise the need for re-lubrication
Built in inhibitors to retard bacterial growth
Non-corrosive to all metals used in the construction of musical instruments
Very popular with professional players.


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