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Viscount VIVACE 40

electric classic organ
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27624 HRK
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The VIVACE 40 has a modern and compact design which fits perfectly in almost any environment. The instrument is equipped with 2 "Tracker Action" style keyboards and a set of pedals. It features over 31 registers, a library of 110 unique voices, and 5 different styles, all selectable through the handy graphic display. You have a wide selection of magnificent organ and orchestral voices with which to create countless combinations; these can then be stored in the 48 internal memories – and easily recalled as you need them. The VIVACE 40 uses proprietary sound technology specifically designed by Viscount in Italy to faithfully reproduce the authentic sound and performance of the traditional organ – including the acoustic effects and reflection characteristics of a small church all the way up to a large cathedral.


Keyboards: 2
Manuals: 2 x 61 keys - "tracker touch" keyboard
Register Control: Tilt Tab
Pedalboard: 30 notes straight or straight concave
Expression Pedals: 2
Stops: 31
Total Voices: 110
Styles: 5
General Memories: 6
Memory Bank: 8
Controls: Set - Cancel - A.P. - Tutti - ENC - HR
Divisional Memories: Previous and next
Couplers: Man. I/Ped. - Man. II/Ped. - Man. II/I
Transposer: +5/-6
MIDI enable: Yes
Volumes: General and Reverb
Volume: Master - Man. I - Pedal - Reverb - Volume control for each stop
Display: 4 lines x 20 characters
Tremulant: (Man. I and II): Depth/Speed separately adjustable
Reverb: 8 Types
Ensemble: Effect Adjustable
Historic Temperaments: Equal - Kirnberger - Werckmeister - Pythagorean - Meantone - Vallotti
Keyboards Inversion: Man. II - Man. I
Keyboard Midi Velocity:Programmable
Pistons Combination: Yes
5 Bands Equalizer: Yes
Routing delle Uscite: Yes
Programmable Midi: Yes
Demo Songs: 8
Internal Amplification: 3 x 70 Watt
Speakers: 2 full-range speakers + 1 woofer
Midi In, Out, Thru: Yes
Phone Output: Yes
Aux Input: Yes
Line Output: Yes
Double Stereo Line Out: Programmable on front panel
Reverb Output: Programmable on front panel
Amplified Stereo Output: Optional
Dimension with Pedalboard (WxHxD): 124 x 110 x 96 cm
Dimension without Pedalboard (WxHxD): 124 x 110 x 63 cm
Cabinet & Accessories: dark or light oak colour finishing with locking roll cover and matching bench
Finishing: Simulated wood
Color: Light Oak


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