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Line6 HX Effects

multi-effects pedal
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 Effects Categories: Multieffects

Line 6's effects models and multi-effects units can be found on professional pedalboards throughout the world. And now, those pedalboards can get even better. With over 100 effects onboard the HX Effects multi-effects units, you'll never be at a loss for tone. And best of all, each of these effects are processed through the company's HX audio engine, ensuring every single swell of a modulation effect, response of an overdrive, or decay of a delay sound feel exactly like the unit it's modeling. And if that weren't enough, you're able to stack up to nine effects to create your own sonic world.

Multi-effects pedalboard with massive control capabilities
Over 100 effects models onboard
HX audio engine ensures pristine audio and realistic modeling
Dual effects loops integrate your favorite stompboxes
External amp and expression pedal control
True stereo performance from input to output
Full MIDI capability
USB allows computer-based editing and firmware upgrades
Built rugged to handle the rigors of the road



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