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Yamaha V20G

violina 4/4
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8976 HRK
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The V20G is another Guarneri inspired violin which produces a rich and sweet, yet powerful sound. Each instrument is painstakingly finished with a specially formulated shading oil varnish which gives a beautiful appearance and warmer tone. The wood material has been carefully selected and like the YVN Series violins, the V20G offers excellent sound and playability, with consistent quality in every instrument. The V20G is sold as a separate instrument only. It doesn't include case, bow, or other accessories.


Finish: Fully Hand Brushed/Shading
Varnish: Oil Varnish
Type: Guarneri del Gesu
Size: 4/4
Top: Spruce
Back: Maple
Side: Maple
Neck: Maple
Finger Board: Ebony
Bridge: Aubert "luxe" with Parchment
Tuning Pegs: Boxwood
Tailpiece: Boxwood
Chin Rest: Boxwood
Strings: Thomastik Dominant
Fine Tuner: Wittner (on E string)


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