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Yamaha CP-33 B-Stock

stage piano
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6.389,60 kn
Bez PDV-a: 6.389,60 kn
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Cijena dostave: 554,00 kn
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Jedinica u paketu: 1

 No Analog Outputs: 2
 MIDI Interface: 1x In, 1x Out
 Headphone Outputs: 1
 Split Zones: 2
 Storage: USB to Host
 Polyphony: 64
 Keys Nr: 88
 Keyboard options: Touch-Sensitive Keys
 Keyboard options: Pitch Bend/Modulation
 Keyboard options: Sustain Pedal Connection
 Keyboard options: Hammer Mechanics
 B-Stock Yes

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In 1976, Yamaha released the first of the CP series stage pianos. These 'electric grands' became instant classics with their authentic sound and live performance convenience. Thirty years later, Yamaha celebrates those milestone keyboards by unveiling the latest and greatest in the CP series: the new CP300 and CP33. Drawing on our rich tradition and experience, these instruments give the live performer all the sound and expressiveness of a superbly mic'd grand piano with the portability and versatility of a modern digital instrument


88-key Graded Hammer keyboard with authentic touch
State-of-the-art AWM tone generation system
Maximum polyphony of 64 notes
Compact, light and protable – easy to carry and easy to set up 28 original voices
Reverb, and other effects, including Chorus, Phaser, Temolo and Rotary Speaker
Comprehensive MIDI functions
Mastermode, for independent control of up to two external tone generators
Real-time controllers – including sliders and Pitch Bend/Modulation wheels for maximum expression
USB terminal – letting you connect to a computer for recording of your performances, creating/arranging of songs, and converting to notation mention real-time controllers


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