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Alhambra 7C

klasična gitara
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4.036,80 kn
Bez PDV-a: 4.036,80 kn
Dostavljamo u United States
Cijena dostave: 284,00 kn
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 Guitar Size: 4/4
 Strings No: 6
 Guitar Fretboard: Ebony
 Guitar Back and Sides: Mahogany,Solid
 Guitar Top: Cedar,Solid
 Guitar Neck: Mahogany
 Guitar Colour: Natural
Opis Entirely handcrafted with solid woods, cedar for the top and mahogany for the back and sides.A beautiful and high quality Ebony for fingerboard! Like the concert models the neck is reinforced with an ebony strip instead of truss rod. Compacter and lighter it conduct the vibration all across the instrument and allow to guitar to fully vibrate from the head to bottom of the body. You really feel: The guitar vibrates against your body.The sound is rich, clear and extremely versatile.



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