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Suhr Alexa Multi-Wave Chorus/Vibrato

chorus/vibrato pedala
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Alexa is a Multi-Wave Dual Channel Analog Chorus/Vibrato that offers a fresh approach in delivering a wealth of warm modulation and spatial effects for your guitar, bass or keyboard.
With Alexa’s two independent channels, you can easily preset two distinct chorus/vibrato sounds. For example, Channel A can be a traditional warm and smooth chorus, while Channel B is set to a fast vintage rotary.
Switching between two different sounds has never been easier.

A combination of vintage technology and modern engineering is the foundation which Alexa was built upon. The heart of Alexa’s signal path employs a 3207 BBD (bucket brigade device) to deliver all of the warm analog tones that vintage choruses are revered for. Innovative engineering ensures the purest analog tone, with ultra-quiet performance.
Alexa allows you to explore analog modulation like never before with six onboard waveforms. You have the freedom to experience warm and traditional choruses, swirling rotary effects, a vibey photo cell, and innovative ramping waveforms.



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