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Šifra proizvoda : 18100298

Hohner SPECIAL 20 Classic C-dur

usna harmonika
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175,95 kn
Bez PDV-a: 175,95 kn
Dostavljamo u United States
Cijena dostave: 172,00 kn
Proizvod dostupan odmah
Jedinica u paketu: 1

 Tuning Diatonic: C
 Comb: ABS
 Number Of Holes: 10
 Number Of Reeds: 20
Opis Response, superior bending, and a rich tone are all unique qualities of the Special 20. Featuring a durable, airtight, plastic comb, it has become the harmonica of choice for musicians that enjoy a wide variety of genres from country and folk, to rhythm and blues. Available in 12 major keys as well as a special Country Tuning, which features a major 7th when played in the cross harp position.



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