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Henri Selmer SERIE III Tenor Jubilee

tenor saksofon
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29040.8 HRK
Puna cijena:
29.040,80 kn
Bez PDV-a: 29.040,80 kn
Dostavljamo u United States
Cijena dostave: 284,00 kn
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Jedinica u paketu1

 Saxophone Type: Tenor
 Gravure: Yes
 Resonator Pad: Leather
 Sax Body: Brass
 Finish Keys: Gold Lacquered
 Finish body: Gold Lacquered
Opis ediate sound, immediate response, immediate success. The Selmer Paris Series III tenor is quick, fluid, and gives you all the sound you can handle in a sleek, ergonomic package.The Selmer Paris Series III is described as having a generous lower register and easy subtones, excellent response, a striking pitch, and balanced ergonomics. This creates a close relationship between musician and instrument resulting in pure musical expressiveness.Reducing the size and weight of the ribs (the body plates supporting the posts) by 30% results in a more free vibration of the instrument and enhanced resonance.The angle of the neck, copying that of the fabled Mark VI, redirects the airflow and mouthpiece position to enhance response.Kik pads provide an airtight seal. Rivet-less metal tone boosters result in projection without buzz or distortion.



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