Euro-Unit group is the legal successor of Euro-Unit d.o.o. company, which was established in 1990. Since 2007, it has grown into a group with sister companies based in this part of Europe as it’s members. The group’s main activity is selling musical instruments, professional audio and commercial audio equipment, and in that segment, it is a leading full-range company in this part of Europe. The central pillars of Euro-Unit business policy, such as quality, satisfied customers, ISO certificates, the fulfillment of warranty obligations, professional customer support and continuous education of employees are something upon which it’s founder and CEO, Mr. Ivan Senčar, has insisted from the company’s early days in 1990.

Collaborations with the worldwide renowned companies from the music industry segment, long-standing exclusive general distribution contracts, as well as numerous successfully implemented projects, affirm that our group has been recognized as a serious and reliable business partner in the demanding global market. This was again undoubtedly proved by numerous international prestigious awards, which we received among the tough competition of international corporations.

Constant investments in all marketing segments, participation at local and international specialized trade fairs enables us to provide a good distribution of information on new products from our rich selection, to all business partners and retail buyers. At the same time, this is a great opportunity for us to gather feedback which we then use to improve our offer and services so that they meet the wishes and needs of our buyers as much as possible.

The provision of our own repair services which are in compliance with all the relevant international certificates and standards, as well as a guaranteed offer of original spare parts complete the range of our services. Our warranties are in accordance with all the relevant legislation of the countries in which we operate. We pride ourselves with the fact that we are already prepared to operate in compliance with the most severe European norms, which we have been implementing in our business on our own initiative.

Design, installation and maintenance of big projects as conference halls as a key in hand service completes our offer making it highly recognizable. Constant participation on numerous region public tenders provided us with a lot of experience in the mentioned field and insure us with valuable references. Of course, we shouldn’t forget to mention our rental service which includes elite-level grand pianos, as well as other top-level musical equipment.

With a desire to support projects of social value and benefit, over the years, the Euro-Unit group has been sponsoring numerous five-stars cultural, sports, humanitarian and other events. Our cabinets are full of letters of thanks, charters, acknowledgments and similar documents.

We are particularly proud of the many international and Croatian acknowledgments of the highest rank kept on our shelves. These acknowledgments confirm that our business policy is going in the right direction, and prove that if you set your business priorities right, you can achieve success, regardless of the business environment in which you operate.

2003. – Zlatna kuna – Golden kuna by Croatian Economic chamber
2003. – Yamaha Award for best European guitar dealer
2003. – WQC Star Award – Paris
2003. – CROMA Award for the best manager in Croatia (Mr. Ivan Senčar)
2004. – Zlatna plaketa Opcine Nedelisce – Golden Award for best company in local community
2004. – WQC Star Award – New York
2005. – 31. International Arch of Europe Award for Quality and Technology – Frankfurt
2005. – New Millennium Award – Madrid
2005. – Century International Quality Era Award – Geneva
2006. – New Millennium Award – Paris
2006. – Gator Outstanding Achievement Award – Los Angeles
2007. – Quality Crown – London
2007. – Yamaha Award for outstanding performance for Yamaha Commercial Audio
2008. – International Star Award for Leadership in Quality – Paris
2009. – Beyerdynamic European Award – best European dealer in 2008.
2009. – International Star Award for Quality – Geneva
2009. – Index DOP-a HGK – Croatian Economic chamber award – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR – Croatian = DOP)
2010. – Golden Index – Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development with the support of the UNDP office in Croatia and AED
2010. – Hero of the recession – Movement for a fair distribution of burden on crisis
2011. – Golden Index – Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development and AED
2012. – Golden Index – Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development with the support of the UNDP office in Croatia and AED in categories: Investment in student organizations and student projects, student scholarships and Grand Prix Gold index in the category of small and medium enterprises
2012. – The Bizz Award – Worldcob organization award for Leadership, Quality of goods and services, Creativity of management, invent of management, CSR and achieved business results
2013. – Golden Index – Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development and AED
2014. – Award Corporate Social Responsibility for 2013. year – Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development (HR BCSD)
2014. – AAA Gold Creditworthiness Certificate (by Bisnode)
2015. – AAA Gold Creditworthiness Certificate (by Bisnode)
2016. – AAA Gold Creditworthiness Certificate (by Bisnode)
2017. – AAA Gold Creditworthiness Certificate (by Bisnode)
2018. – AAA Gold Creditworthiness Certificate (by Bisnode)
2019. – AAA Platinum Creditworthiness Certificate (by Bisnode)


Musical instruments and pianos

Muzička akademija Zagreb – Zagreb
Simfonijski Orkestar HRT-a – Zagreb
Big Band HRT-a – Zagreb
Jazz Orkestar HRT-a – Zagreb
Tamburaški Orkestar HRT-a – Zagreb
Zagrebačka Filaharmonija – Zagreb
Orkestar HNK – Zagreb
Orkestar HNK – Osijek
Orkestar HNK – Rijeka
Orkestar HNK – Split
Orkestar HNK – Zadar
Orkestar HNK – Šibenik
Umjetnička akademija Split – Split
Umjetnička akademija Osijek – Osijek
Hotel Westin – Zagreb
Hotel Astoria – Zagreb
Hotel President – Dubrovnik
Hotel Imperial Hilton – Dubrovnik
Hotel Dubrovački vrtovi sunca – Dubrovnik
Glazbena škola Varaždin – Varaždin
Glazbena škola Čakovec – Čakovec
Glazbena škola Josip Hatze – Split
Glazbena škola Pavla Markovca – Zagreb
Glazbena škola Blagoje Bersa – Zadar
Glazbena škola Ferdo Livadić – Samobor
Glazbena škola Karlovac – Karlovac
Glazbena škola Vatroslav Lisinski – Bjelovar
Glazbena škola Brune Bjelinskog – Daruvar
Glazbena škola Požega
Glazbena škola Franje Kuhača – Osijek
Glazbena škola Ivana Matečića Ronjgova – Rijeka
Glazbena škola Slavonski Brod
Osnovna glazbena škola Metković
Osnovna glazbena škola Kontes Dora – Našice
Osnovna glazbena škola Jan Vlašimsky – Virovitica
Osnovna glazbena škola Dr. Fra. Ivan Glibotić – Imotski
Osnovna glazbena škola Makarska – Makarska
Osnovna glazbena škola Zlatko Grgošević – Sesvete
Osnovna umjetnička škola Matka Brajše – Labin
Srednja škola Zabok – Zabok
Učiteljski fakultet – Čakovec
Sveučilište Jurija Dobrile – Pula
Umjetnička škola Miroslav Magdalenić – Čakovec
Umjetnička škola Fortunat Pintarić – Koprivnica
Umjetnička škola – Beli Manastir
Pučko otvoreno učilište Vrbovec – Vrbovec
Pučko otvoreno učilište Novi Marof – Novi Marof
Pučko otvoreno učilište Ivanić Grad – Ivanić Grad
Hrvatska udruga Osorske glazbene večeri – Zagreb
Scheierova zgrada – Čakovec
Restoran Bevanda – Opatija
Manastir Sestre Milosrdnice – Split
Gradska galerija grada Zaboka – Zabok
Muzej Žitnica – Sveti Križ Začretje
Centar za kulturu Belišće


Professional audio equipment

Koncertna dvorana Vatroslav Lisinski – Zagreb
Hrvatska Televizija – Zagreb
Hrvatski radio – Zagreb
Nova TV – Zagreb
Croatia Records – Zagreb
HNK Ivana pl. Zajca – Rijeka
B.P. Club – Zagreb
Club Močvara – Zagreb
Centar za kulturu – Čakovec
HRČAK – Hrvatski radio Čakovec – Čakovec
ČKTV – Čakovečka televizija – Čakovec
VTV Varaždinska televizija – Varaždin
Kazalište Trešnja – Zagreb
Kazalište Komedija – Zagreb
Kazalište Žar ptica – Zagreb
Zagrebačko kazalište mladih – Zagreb
Narodni radio – Zagreb
Radio Dalmacija – Split
Radio Varaždin
KL Eurodom – Radio Split – Split
Gama studio produkcija – Zagreb
Master film – Zagreb
TV Plus – Zagreb
Županija Međimurska – Čakovec
Parlament Crne Gore – Herceg Novi
Sportska dvorana Osnovne škola Prelog – Prelog
Sportska dvorana Osnovne škola Mursko Središće – Mursko Središće
Sportska dvorana Donji Kraljevec – Donji Kraljevec
Sportska dvorana Osnovne škole Martijanec – Martijanec
Sportska dvorana Osnovne škole Sibinj – Sibinj
Sportska dvorana K.K. Zadar – Zadar
Pučko otvoreno učilište Velika Gorica – Velika Gorica
Pučko otvoreno učilište Vrbovec
Pučko otvoreno učilište Ploče
HGK Županijska komora Osijek – Osijek
G.Š. Pavla Markovca – Zagreb
Đakovačka nadbiskupija – Đakovo
Speedway club “Milenium” – Goričan




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EURO-UNIT Montenegro – Podgorica

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Euro-Unit is a serious and trustworthy business partner. This was confirmed by many international and local prestigious awards won by our company since 1990. All of these acknowledgments confirm the validity of our business policy and are proof that the right set of business principles and priorities will make you succeed, regardless of the business environment you are in.

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