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Instrument Microphones

beyerdynamic ZCV

SKU: 20800600

Battery Compartment

Price: 120,00 kn
Without VAT: 120,00 kn

beyerdynamic TGD35

SKU: 21201115

microphone for drums

Price: 372,80 kn
Without VAT: 372,80 kn

beyerdynamic TGI50d

SKU: 21201030

Dynamic microphone

Price: 496,00 kn
Without VAT: 496,00 kn

beyerdynamic TGI56C

SKU: 21201050

condenser microphone

Price: 552,00 kn
Without VAT: 552,00 kn

beyerdynamic TGI51

SKU: 21201028

Dynamic Microphone

Price: 585,60 kn
Without VAT: 585,60 kn

Sennheiser E609 silver

SKU: 98200236

Instrument Microphone

Price: 596,00 kn
Without VAT: 596,00 kn

Shure SM57 LCE

SKU: 42700139

Instrument Microphone

Price: 612,00 kn
Without VAT: 612,00 kn

beyerdynamic TGI53c

SKU: 21201040

Condenser microphone

Price: 617,60 kn
Without VAT: 617,60 kn

beyerdynamic TGD57C

SKU: 21201015

Clip on Drum Microphone

Price: 639,20 kn
Without VAT: 639,20 kn

Sennheiser E604

SKU: 98200234

Instrument Microphone

Price: 736,00 kn
Without VAT: 736,00 kn
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