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Other Microphone Accessories

K&M 21500-000-29

SKU: 19021950

Thread adapter

Price: 12,00 kn
Without VAT: 12,00 kn

beyerdynamic WS 5

SKU: 21102600


Price: 23,20 kn
Without VAT: 23,20 kn

beyerdynamic WS 302 B

SKU: 21103810


Price: 24,00 kn
Without VAT: 24,00 kn

Saramonic SR-U9-WS3

SKU: 82300073

Foam Windscreen

Price: 24,00 kn
Without VAT: 24,00 kn

beyerdynamic WS 20

SKU: 21102900


Price: 28,80 kn
Without VAT: 28,80 kn

beyerdynamic WS 97

SKU: 21103800


Price: 37,60 kn
Without VAT: 37,60 kn

beyerdynamic WS 54SC

SKU: 21103150

wind screen

Price: 39,20 kn
Without VAT: 39,20 kn

beyerdynamic M-Bag L

SKU: 21000615

Zipperbag for microphon

Price: 43,20 kn
Without VAT: 43,20 kn

beyerdynamic WS 53

SKU: 21103100


Price: 43,20 kn
Without VAT: 43,20 kn

Sennheiser MZW 600

SKU: 98210160

Foam windshield

Price: 58,40 kn
Without VAT: 58,40 kn
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