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Other Keyboard Accessories

K&M 16600-000-01

SKU: 19013100

piano tuning lever

Price: 105,60 kn
Without VAT: 105,60 kn

K&M 16610-000-01

SKU: 19013150

Piano tuning lever

Price: 118,40 kn
Without VAT: 118,40 kn

Yamaha UD-BT01

SKU: 31100110

Wireless Midi Adapter

Price: 323,20 kn
Without VAT: 323,20 kn

K&M 16700-000-01

SKU: 19013155

Piano tuning lever set

Price: 397,60 kn
Without VAT: 397,60 kn

Yamaha UD-WL01

SKU: 30200308

Wireless LAN-Adapter

Price: 472,00 kn
Without VAT: 472,00 kn

Kurzweil PC2RIB Ribbon Controller

SKU: 11800945

Ribbon Controller

Price: 624,00 kn
Without VAT: 624,00 kn

Jahn Upright Piano Casters

SKU: 62100000

Piano Transport Wheels

Price: 1.088,80 kn
Without VAT: 1.088,80 kn

Yamaha FL1024M

SKU: 30202025

flash memory

Price: 1.873,60 kn
Without VAT: 1.873,60 kn

Jahn Piano Spider 3 pcs

SKU: 62100010

Piano Transport Wheels

Price: 2.027,20 kn
Without VAT: 2.027,20 kn
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