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Electric Organs

Roland VR-09-B V-Combo

SKU: 89200360


Price: 4.064,80 kn
Without VAT: 4.064,80 kn

Studiologic Numa Organ 2

SKU: 96400030

Digital Organ

Price: 5.523,20 kn
Without VAT: 5.523,20 kn

Yamaha YC61

SKU: 31001160

Organ Keyboard

Price: 9.568,00 kn
Without VAT: 9.568,00 kn

Yamaha YC73

SKU: 31001170

Organ Keyboard

Price: 13.039,20 kn
Without VAT: 13.039,20 kn

Yamaha YC88

SKU: 31001175

Organ Keyboard

Price: 17.108,80 kn
Without VAT: 17.108,80 kn

Johannus ONE

SKU: 99400025

Electric Organ

Product Available Date: 2021-08-20
Price: 17.147,20 kn
Without VAT: 17.147,20 kn

Johannus STUDIO 150

SKU: 99400035

Electric Organ

Product Available Date: 2021-08-20
Price: 38.049,60 kn
Without VAT: 38.049,60 kn

Johannus OPUS 155

SKU: 99400075

Electric Organ

Product Available Date: 2021-08-20
Price: 46.472,80 kn
Without VAT: 46.472,80 kn

Johannus STUDIO 350

SKU: 99400045

Electric Organ

Price: 49.051,20 kn
Without VAT: 49.051,20 kn

Johannus STUDIO P-150

SKU: 99400055

Electric Organ

Price: 51.540,00 kn
Without VAT: 51.540,00 kn
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