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Wednesday, 08 May 2019 15:00


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Introduced in 1995 and improved in 2014 by Yamaha Stage Custom series with its design, construction and high-quality sound, keeps in companies own words among the "best drums in its class" and is available at friendly prices. Since 2014, Custom Stage is made entirely of birch wood, but regardless of the fact, this series surpasses it's competition in the class.

Accurately transmitting vibration to the impact surface with its six-piece structure, providing minimum contact of the hardware with the shell and connecting it to the nodal point in a way that doesn't interfere with the vibration of the shell using its YESS (Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System) clamps by holding toms stable under strongest strikes.

Yamaha's original ball-bearing and clamps had very little modification over the years. Extremely hard resin balls are housed in an attractive chrome-plated chassis, held in place with an ergonomic titanium wing bolt that enables positioning of drums without slipping practically anywhere the drummer can imagine, enabling the bottom heads tuning by simply rotating the drum. New Stage Custom hooks are customized with rubber insertion plates which reduce noise. Bass drum legs have stoppers that make setting easier.

This relatively low cost drum set, with it's flawless casing, finish and hardware, with excellent production standard can be purchased in our stores at a price of 714,08 € without hardware (wood only) and at a price of 912,20 € with hardware.

Available sets:

Yamaha Stage Custom SBP0F5 NW

Yamaha Stage Custom SBP2F5 CR

Yamaha Stage Custom SBP2F5 RBL

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