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Wednesday, 10 April 2019 14:13

Ortega Guitars 25th Anniversary

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In 2019 Ortega Guitars want to define the difference again. Therefore they have not spared any time nor effort to design and create the instruments and tools that modern musicians deserve. And 2019 is a big year for Ortega Guitars, celebrating 25th Anniversary.

Here is the new special product line up (17 products) for 25th Anniversary:

DEEP-25TH, M-25TH, R189SN-25TH, R189GSN-25TH, RCE179SN-25TH, RCE409SN-25TH, RCE2019-25TH, RE2019-25TH, RGL-25TH, RU-25TH-CC, RU-25TH-TE, RUHZ-25TH, STAGE-25TH, WALKER-25TH, HONE, SONE, STWO.

Ortega Guitars was originally founded in 1994 by Reinold Meinl, of Meinl Percussion. The starting point for Ortega was building their guitars similar to a Classical Spanish style.

Since their creation, Ortega Guitars has elevated traditional guitar making to an entire new level. Today, they have modernized classical instruments by maintaining hand-crafted integrity while utilizing nylon strings. This allows for the musician to obtain an excellent traditional instrument at an affordable price.

Applying modernized techniques to timeless traditions is what makes Ortega Guitars stand out from the crowd.

Visit Ortega Guitars page HERE to check out its wide offer of guitars, ukuleles, accessories, ...


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