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Wednesday, 13 March 2019 10:05

Customer review: PRS SE Custom 24

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Great guitar! I bought it some 3-4 months ago, but I deliberately waited with this review so that I could be at least a bit more objective.

It is very comfortable and easy to play it, personally, I really like PRS Wide Thin neck profile, the hand really slides up and down the neck (in a positive way), and everything is easily accessible. Neck joint is well done and gives you rather easy access to higher frets (although this is not so important for me personally because I rarely play in very high registers). Quality of finish and assembly quality is really, really good, with lots of attention to details (frets ale leveled and smooth, no flaws in the finish, the hardware is well-set, no loose pots/switches etc.). In my opinion, this quality in finish and assembly is the main difference between SE Custom and SE Standard – I also tried Standard in the shop, but it was not so well set as the Custom – pots were loose – and both guitars were taken from the case, finish was not so well done.  What delighted me was the bridge – it is done in such way that palm muting is extremely comfortable and easy (nothing is in your way, you can really feel the strings with your palm) which gives you great control. Also, tuning machines are very good and keep the guitar in tune (after the initial string stretching, of course). I also like that the vibrato arm does not need to be screwed in, you just simply put it in the slot, but since I do not usually use it, I cannot comment anything more on the vibrato arm. Strings that came with the guitar were .009-.042 and are pretty good, but since I was used to .010, it was a bit challenging for me – they were too soft initially (subjective point of view). But now, that I got used to it I like it very much and I believe that they are better for practicing your vibrato since you need more subtle control (not to create too much vibrato or unwanted vibrato).

When it comes to the sound, the guitar is capable to create wide range of different sound which makes it a great all-rounder. Tone pot gives you great flexibility, but in my personal opinion, when it is down completely on minimum, the sound is much too muddy, especially on neck pick up. But since the tone pot reacts very well on any adjustment, you can easily find the tone you want. Tone pot is also push/pull and gives in up position single coil sounds. And although it is not the best single coil sound, it is very usable despite the small drop in volume. But the humbucker sound, in any position, is excellent – full, warm, but yet clear. I personally like the humbucker neck position the most – deep, warm, soft, but not too soft (but this is a thing of personal taste). Still, for some hard rock riffs, bridge pickup is phenomenal – sharp and bright (but not too much), full and clearly defined. Volume pot excellently clears up the drive. All in all, both volume and tone pots react excellently to even small changes.

Overall, this is an excellent guitar and great value for money. You can use it for many different musical styles because it is really flexible in terms of sound and finishing quality and attention to details is very good. All in all, I have no remarks and regrets and still am very happy to have bought this guitar.

Review written by: Popinjo

Model PRS SE Custom 24 FR 2018 is available HERE.


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