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Thursday, 03 January 2019 14:09

Canorus - recorders

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In this Blog we're gonna talk about interesting instruments Canorus recorder.

So, what are the types of recorders? Speaking of size, the sizes most commonly in use today are the soprano, alto, tenor and bass, same as the names of different vocal ranges. Soprano is the most common size of the recorder. The bigger one you can disassemble it into 3 parts and put it into case. Further, we distinguish recorders with German fingering and recorders with baroque fingering. A recorder designed for German fingering has a hole five that is smaller than hole four, and baroque recorders have a hole four that is smaller than hole five.

There is also a small signature, G or a B on your recorder so that you can know what type of recorder you have. They are similar to play but some notes like F and Bb are easier to play on the German fingering recorder, but on the other hand, some other chromatic notes are out of tune. That's why, German fingering recorder is mostly used for educational purposes while professionals rather choose recorder with baroque fingering.


Speaking of the way how to put your lips, there are standard recorders, but there are recorders that are played like flutes. They are a little bit harder to play and are mostly used by students who learn how to play flute.

Good thing is that when you purchase recorder you'll get this manual where everything is explained, how to play every note. If you haven't already, get yourself on of this great, fun and cheap instrument and have lot of fun. All the Canorus offer you can check out HERE.

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