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Thursday, 06 December 2018 10:26

Ivan'S UKE UBS-10E ukulele bass

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In the last few years, since it has appeared, ukulele bass becomes an increasingly popular musical instrument. Small and compact, allows musicians to take the bass sound wherever they want.

Wherever you play in any combination, ukulele bass can be easily included in any situation where you need a bass sound. It's important to mention, that this is a very fun instrument. You can always have it with you because it's just slightly bigger than the ukulele. Practicing, composing and working in the studio will take you into other musical dimensions when you are hanging out with this instrument. There is already a whole range of variations of the instrument, and we will talk about the UBS-10E model that is produced by Ivan'S UKE. Its length is 76 cm and the scale is 53.3 cm. His loudspeaker was made with a Piezo pickup that has its pre-amplifier and needs a battery power. The body is made of African Sapele wood, and the neck of nato wood, while the fingerboard is made of rosewood.

UBS-10E has no thresholds, but they are marked on the neck for easier orientation. The version without the thresholds is very interesting, and with good sustain, it also features a characteristic fretless bass low sound while sliding from tone to tone. It also comes with the Aquila Super Nylgut strings. They are softer white strings and combined with a fretless neck, can even create the impression that you play the double bass (as far as sound is concerned). Playing with these strings requires a slightly different approach because they are soft, but you have a choice of different types of bass strings, from hard to soft, but also various materials, so that everyone can choose what they need. All in all, the bass ukulele has become one of the items that are regularly on demand in music stores and its popularity is increasing. Its practicality and compactness is a big plus, because more and more musicians have it, either for fun or serious play. In the wide range of offered models, we certainly point out UBS-10E, which stands out with its price and quality.

UBS-10E is available below:

Ivan'S UKE UBS-10E

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