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Friday, 30 August 2019 13:57

Meet The PRS Guitars Model: Crossroads Pre-Factory Santana I Limited

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If you told a young Paul Reed Smith that one day he would build a guitar for Carlos Santana, he probably wouldn't believe you - but his dream came true.

In the fall of 1980 and at the youthful age of 24, Paul made his way backstage at the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Maryland to meet Santana before a gig. That night Santana tried his first PRS instrument, an all-mahogany prototype. By the end of their conversation, Paul went home with a smile on his face and an order from Carlos for a new guitar. Santana choose maple as the top wood of his instrument after looking through a scrapbook Paul had with him.

The maple top guitar Paul built for Carlos Santana. Archive courtesy of Dave Burrluck's wonderful work in the PRS Guitars Book: A Complete History of Paul Reed Smith Guitars.

Paul built Carlos' instrument in thirty days' time and delivered it in November of 1980 - it was only Paul's third maple-top guitar. The historical significance of this instrument was likely unknown by Paul at the time, but the guitar inspired a life-long relationship between Carlos and Paul that would prove critical to our company's success. This year, PRS built a model to celebrate this pivotal partnership and the beginnings of PRS Guitars, the Crossroads Pre-Factory Santana I Limited Edition.

The Specs:

There are a few unique features on the Crossroads Pre-Factory Santana I Limited Edition, including the body shape, inlays, pickups, and electronics.

- The pre-factory body shape was the predecessor to the current PRS Santana body shape.
- The fretboard inlays are fashioned after PRS “pre-factory” style birds and are made from solid-shell abalone. There is a pre-factory eagle on the headstock veneer, an "OM" symbol on the truss rod cover (which would become a hallmark of PRS Santana models), and a green ripple abalone purfling strip on the guitar’s top.
- The pickups include an HFS treble and Santana bass pickup. Both pickups have been through PRS’s TCI (tuned capacitance and inductance) methodology, which essentially fine-tunes pickup specs and voicing to the exact desired tone and musicality.
- The electronics set up, one volume control and two mini-toggles, was fashioned after a guitar that featured soapbar pickups, so the mini-toggles functionally turn the humbuckers on and off (instead of coil-splitting, which is more common on modern PRS guitars). Santana requested this layout even though a 3-way toggle would have essentially done the same job.

And the most important thing is, only six of the instruments will be made.

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