It has always been HOHNER's mission to enable everyone, everywhere, to enjoy music. With the HOHNER XS, HOHNER has developed a revolutionary accordion that is especially aimed at young players. The HOHNER XS combines breathtaking design with innovative materials and unique ergonomic construction. The low weight and an easy to put on Click and Play system round off the accordion of the future.

- Children get the chance to get to know a new and exciting instrument
- Facilitating children to express themselves through music
- Encouraging strong personalities
- Music is a language everybody speaks and which brings children from different cultures together
- Most children already know the piano keyboard, which makes it quite intuitive
- An instrument, that is specifically designed for a new and young audience

- Ergonomic construction Designed for optimal playing comfort
- Lightweight The use of innovative materials ensures an especially low weight
- Click´n Play system The HOHNER XS is easy to put on thanks to the new Click´n Play system
- Robust housing Housing and interior construction made out of durable plastic
- Adjustable hand strap Instrument grows with the student
- Tonal Range Treble B-G2; bass rows F-A

With the support of the University of Arts and Design in Bremen (Germany) involving both scientists and music teachers, HOHNER has developed an accordion which is specifically geared to the ergonomic needs of children from four to seven years of age. New materials and design features combine to create the ideal beginner version of a traditional instrument while satisfying professional standards of sound quality.

HOHNER XS accordion is available HERE.


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