If you're into audio production, or you're "just" an audiophile, the Neumann NDH 30 is just designed for you.

If you're into audio production, or you're "just" an audiophile, the Neumann NDH 30 is just designed for you. Outstanding linearity and dynamic responses and unmatched resolution. Following the success of the award-winning NDH 20 headphones, the NDH 30 has been designed for the most demanding mixing and mastering applications in both stereo and spatial formats. The NDH 30 reproduces the linear sound image of a Neumann loudspeaker setup, calibrated via MA 1 Automatic Monitor Alignment, in a portable format.

The entire acoustic system is a new design, including optimised dynamic drivers that rival the sonic resolution of planar magnetic transducers. Harmonic distortion is extremely low and, thanks to frequency selective absorbers, the NDH 30 has a remarkably even response across the entire audio spectrum.

NDH 30s incorporate state-of-the-art 1.5-inch drivers with high-gauss neodymium magnets for high sensitivity and minimal distortion, allowing you to hear the pure audio signal without coloration. Neumann made sure the mechanical construction of NDH 30 headphones meets the company's high standards. The adjustable headband is made of flexible steel, while the earcup covers are machined from lightweight aluminum. For ease of transportation, the headphones are foldable for a snug fit in the included cloth bag.

Neumann NDH 30 headphones are ideal for applications that require a high degree of precise detail, such as mixing and mastering. Thanks to their extended 12Hz–34kHz frequency response, NDH 30s are particularly helpful for checking the upper and lower extremes of the audio band. Beyond that, their unusually flat frequency response and natural stereo image allow for mixing with confidence and ensuring that your mixes will translate to all playback systems. Last but not least, NDH 30s are also excellent headphones for audiophile entertainment.

• Linear sound balance, like Neumann's acclaimed studio monitors
• 1.5-inch drivers with high-gauss neodymium magnets
• Extended 12Hz–34kHz frequency response
• Nominal Impedance 120 Ohms
• Transparent sound with high resolution
• Long-term comfort, easy transportation
• Includes a 10-foot detachable, internally balanced cable and a 1/4-inch adapter

Neumann NDH 30 headphones are available HERE.

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