Dorico 4 is the first major version of Steinberg's desktop music notation and composition application since ...

Dorico 4 is the first major version of Steinberg's desktop music notation and composition application since May 2020. The London team has built a really formidable update over the intervening months, while also delivering the brand new Dorico for iPad app last summer, and contributing heavily to the Steinberg Licensing project over the past year. The result is the largest single release to date, organised around the theme of accelerating user workflow.

To name just a few of the new features that will be exciting Dorico users:

- The Key Editor (piano roll, velocity and continuous controller editors) completely rebuilt and now available in Write mode as well as Play mode
- Completely redesigned and rebuilt Play mode and Mixer
- Smart MIDI import dialog to intelligently bring MIDI data from big sequencer/DAW media music templates
- Automatic polyphonic voice separation for MIDI import and real-time recording
- Radical expansion of the capabilities of Insert mode, providing powerful new possibilities for note input and editing
- Deeply integrated melodic, harmonic and rhythmic transformations (inversion, retrograde, rotation, repetition, pitch mapping, scale mapping)
- Jump bar providing quick keyboard access to every command, and fast navigation to anywhere in the music
- Library Manager allowing highly granular comparison and import of appearance and options data between projects
- On-screen Keyboard, Fretboard and Drum Pads instruments in the lower zone
- Extensive support for capos for fretted instruments
- Additional plug-ins, including SuperVision, VST Amp Rack and VST Bass Amp
- New remote control API to allow Dorico to be driven by external software over WebSockets.

... and literally dozens more. Dorico 4 is also, of course first application to use Steinberg Licensing and first to be fully native for the latest Apple silicon Macs. And it is also the first to use new, small, completely cardboard packaging.

If you’d like to see some of these new features in action, please join John Baron’s presentation HERE.
And there is also a playlist of 18 incredible tutorial videos. Check out HERE.

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