yamaha DGX 660 FB

Although it has been on the market for some time, this instrument is really worth mentioning from time to time because with its quality and versatility at an affordable price it often becomes the best buying option. We can classify it among keyboards, arrangers, but also among digital piano, because this model combines all three types of instruments.

yamaha DGX 660 05

If we talk about the role of the digital piano, this instrument will satisfy all the basic needs in terms of quality 88 weighted (GHS) "graded hammer standard" keys that provide a realistic feel with all the features of a real large acoustic piano. The weight of the keys varies in different registers. For example, when you press the keys in the lower octaves, they are heavier, and as you move towards the higher tones, the keys become lighter, which provides a characteristic feeling of playing, and this is one of the basic requirements for an instrument for every pianist. The 192-sound polyphony can classify it as a very high class of digital pianos. The sampled piano sound is based on Yamaha’s best concert piano CFIII which is in the highest class of much more expensive instruments. In addition to the piano, this instrument contains over 500 sounds and over 200 excellently composed rhythms with arrangements that will satisfy all musical genres.

yamaha DGX 660 02

For singing lovers, there is a unique option of connecting a microphone to a quality system of built-in speakers with the possibility of using different singing effects.

yamaha DGX 660 01

The instrument also supports midi/karaoke files even with the ability to print text on a blue LCD screen. The recording function with built-in USB audio recorder allows you to record and share your creative singing and playing endeavors. It is also possible to play audio WAV files from a USB stick.

yamaha DGX 660 04

This keyboard originally comes with its own wooden stand that is very easy to mount and the set also includes a sustain pedal. There is an additional connection option and triple pedals as needed.

yamaha DGX 660 03

The price is what makes us most happy with this instrument because we would expect that with this kind of performance it is at least twice as expensive as it really is. It is available in elegant black color HERE or beuatiful white color HERE.

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