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Roland is one of the leading manufacturers and innovators in creating new digital piano solutions. It stands out especially in the innovations of difficult piano keys in the keyboard mechanics themselves. Super Natural Piano technology (natural piano) is now used on all new models. The sounds themselves are brought to perfection even on the basic models of the F or DP series. Those looking for compactness and quality in the lower price ranges will choose F and DP. However, if you need a classic piano, then the best choice for you is one of the HP series models with the latest progressive piano keys PHA50. This design of keyboard mechanics has evolved over the years, reaching a stage where the sound, when playing, is sensitive to all changes and nuances of the pianist playing. The keys respond quickly, reliably and recognize multiple styles of playing, including partial pressing. The keyboard itself is quieter and has a more even movement of heavier keys (with fast response) and extremely realistic functions of returning the key mechanism ("up to the height of the weight" and "reduced weight"). Used in some F models throughout the HP series.

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What we have to mention is that all Roland models fully meet all the standards of music schools. What is important in this standard are the following characteristics: The total number of keys must be 88. The keys must be difficult or give a specific level of resistance when pressed. Not all keys have the same resistance or weight and this is actually the key difference between the manufacturers and the quality of the digital piano itself. In the lower octaves, the keys are heavier and playing towards the higher octaves should be easier. For simpler models, this weight is divided by octaves and the best option are models where each key has a different weight, which is the case on almost all Roland models. And finally, the natural sound of the piano is a major indicator of the quality of a digital piano.

Roland HP700 Series

A few words about models. There are a lot of Roland's models, so we won't list them all individually, but we will single out some of them in different series and price categories.

Roland RP102

The RP102 is designed for beginners. It has PHA4 super natural keys and a handful of great sounds. This model also includes a number of educational features to help you learn to play.

Roland RP501R

The RP501R is an ideal replacement for an acoustic piano, both in appearance and features, it is designed for experienced musicians who want to have in addition to the piano in their home other instruments adapted to different genres of playing. You have over 300 sounds available here, with Roland's "super natural" sound reproduction technology included. It is also possible to connect with the help of Roland's "Piano Partner" application, which opens the way to the world of endless possibilities of creating music.

Roland HP704 model

The HP series from which we will single out the HP704 model is a piano made to measure by a professional. With the excellent purity of sound it produces thanks to advanced audio technology to the perfect design and the feeling of playing a real concert piano. We can thank the latest progressive mechanics PHA-50, which will differentiate every nuance in your playing dynamics. In addition to perfect pianos, there are many sounds of different instruments at your disposal, a total of 319.

Roalnd HP704

It is clear that Roland has indeed entered the very top of the world's digital piano manufacturers. We could say that he is even among the strongest two. (We have written about the second one many times before) In fact, depending on the models, in some it can be at the top class. They are extremely affordable in terms of what they offer and you can really buy a quality instrument for a reasonable price.

Feel free to check out the offer of Roland digital pianos HERE.

Roland HP700

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