All current and future owners of the impressive Roland Fantom keyboard will be delighted by the new free software update called: Roland Fantom Update Firmware 2.0

fantom 2.0 update 01

In addition to numerous useful updates, the upgrade rewards you with new multisampling features and numerous effect options. With this upgrade, the Fantom series keyboards can now sample internal as well as external audio sources. Specifically, you can now record in, for example, the "guitar" directory, external synthesizers, but also internal sound generators such as vocoders. With these new sampling functions, the Fantom actually becomes a respectable sampler of 352 different samples or recordings for each tone, which allows you to create impressive sounds that can later be used as oscillators, which opens up many new possibilities for creating your sound.

fantom 2.0 update 04

In addition to multisampling, the digital "TFX" effects processor has received a major update. In addition to the previous EQ and compressor, a multi-effect with 90 different additional effects has been added, which is now available in the main menu. In addition, Fantom 2.0 introduces new options for directing effects, or more precisely, you can choose where to place them.

fantom 2.0 update 03

Compared to classic synthesizers, the sequencer is an important part of the workstation and is actually a basic if not the most important part. The novelty is that it is now possible to draw and edit automation with various gestures or finger movements on the touch screen. With this you can very quickly and easily create complex, evolving modulation sequences and for fine adjustments, it now comes with a new way to magnify. Internal and external sounds in each sequence or tape can now be layered and divided within the tape, giving you more flexibility. Thanks to the new display of the list of "scenes", everything together looks much clearer and easier to use.

fantom 2.0 update 02

Most importantly all these upgrades are completely free for all of you lucky ones who already have or will soon have this impressive workstation.

Firmware update Roland Fantom 2.0 is available for all 3 models: Fantom 6, 7 and 8 - HERE, while other ROLAND synthesizers are available HERE.

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