Cordial presents on the occasion of its 25th anniversary, "Edition 25" cables

They are available in three versions: as an instrument cable with two straight plugs, as a version with a right angle plug and as a microphone XLR cable. In the best possible way, the "Edition 25" cables combine outstanding acoustic performance with a visually extremely attractive design.

Black Neutrik XLR connectors that contain anti-corrosion gold-plated contacts complete the attractive look and ensure outstanding sound quality.

25 years of CORDIAL means 25 years of experience in the field of instrument cables as well. Visually appealing due to its textile design in CORDIAL corporate anthracite and copper colors, the new cable has a conductor cross section of 0.50 mm² (comparable fabric cables usually only have a 0.22 mm² conductor cross section).

One of the limited variants, the CXI PR Edition 25 cable, is the solution for those musicians who prefer a plug with a right angle at one end (i.e., one plug at a 90-degree angle and one straight plug). Both tips are gilded which effectively protects them from corrosion.

Cables are made in Germany, and are already on the way to Euro-Unit.

The offer of all Cordial cables including "Edition 25", you can check out HERE.


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