German studio specialist Neumann.Berlin introduces the V 402, a state-of-the-art microphone preamplifier with integrated headphone monitoring.

The V 402 is Neumann’s first-ever stand-alone microphone preamp, although the company has created several generations of top-quality preamp modules for its mixing consoles, such as the now legendary V 476 B of the 1980s. Like its predecessors, the V 402 preamplifier is conceived as the perfect complement to all Neumann and other high-class studio microphones.

Neumann has leveraged today’s state-of-the-art parts and transformerless circuit technology in the V 402, and the sonic rewards are, well, sumptuous, to say the least. Neumann always strives for sonic perfection in their microphones, and the V 402 is designed to unwaveringly preserve the purity of the mic signal, regardless of gain setting.

The V 402's 60Hz highpass filter is meticulously designed to remove pops and rumble without degrading your signal. For easy monitoring, the V 402 is equipped with a studio-grade headphone amplifier that ensures absolute monitoring accuracy. Independent per-channel volume controls let you dial in your monitor mix without affecting recorded signals. The V 402 also includes per-channel polarity inversion, phantom power, and switchable 20dB pads that let you use the preamp with high-level sources up to 28dBu without distortion. With the pad disengaged, you've got 60dB of gain on tap, enough to handle even your lowest output passive ribbon mics.

Experienced engineers, producers, and artists will understand what it takes to produce a mic preamplifier that deserves to wear the Neumann badge. Handcrafted in Germany, the V 402 gives you an uncompromising, stunningly transparent signal chain that will significantly elevate the quality your studio recordings.

Delivery begins in July 2020.
Price on request.

State-of-the-art 2-channel transformerless mic preamplifier
60dB of Gain accommodates all your microphones
2 studio-quality instrument DI inputs with very high impedance
Switchable highpass filter removes pops and rumble without signal degradation
hi-Z input activation, 48V phantom power, 20dB pad, Polarity invert
Highpass filter: 60Hz, 12dB/octave
Ultra-clean headphone amplifier with per-channel volume controls
Internal power supply.
Designed and handcrafted in Germany


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