Yamaha BB434M BL Yamaha BB434M BL Yamaha BB434M BL Yamaha BB434M BL

Bass Guitar

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What truly sets Yamaha's BB basses apart from other basses are their comfortable and familiar contours.
Carefully crafted from balanced-sounding alder, the BB434 4-string boasts that same identifiable character.
Its rounded edges and forearm and belly cuts seem to melt into your body while playing.
The bass's 5-piece maple and mahogany bolt-on neck sings with a new level of punch and sustain, thanks to its 6-bolt miter design.
And its slightly thinner profile is a welcome addition to a more modern style of players.

Whether you're a session player or a specialist, you know the benefits of a P/J pickup combination.
The pickups in this BB434 4-string are Yamaha's present-sounding YGD Custom V5 Alnico V single-coil design.
Dial in more of the neck pickup for that all-important P-style growl.
And nail punchy fingerstyle tones with the bridge pickup — a favorite for many Sweetwater bassists.
The BB434's passive volume/volume/tone control layout couldn't be easier to dial in.

Straightforward version of a classic bass
Modern appointments such as lightweight tuners for better balance
Alder body offers a clear tone with plenty of punch
Passive YGD Custom V5 Alnico V P/J pickup setup is versatile and intuitive
5-piece maple and mahogany bolt-on neck is incredibly stable
The neck's 6-bolt miter neck joint ensures the bass sings with clarity and sustain
Simple to use volume/volume/tone control layout
Thinner neck profile for a more modern feel

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