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Neumann KH 120 A G

studio near-field aktivni monitor
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The KH 120 is Neumann's trailblazer model and development yardstick for compact studio monitors.
It has been a reference class for close-range monitoring since 2011.
Enormous power reserves meet high-precision sound conduction.
The result: Maximum signal fidelity and distinctly contoured transients across the entire, neutrally designed frequency response.
This enables you to precisely control tonal depth, spatial image and even the smallest details in the mix.

The KH 120 is typically used in near-field applications such as project, music, broadcast and post-production studios for recording, mixing and mastering.
It it also available as a digital input “D” version.
Latest modeling techniques used to minimize non-linear (harmonic and intermodulation) distortion
Low-distortion high frequency reproduction
Smoother off -axis response
More forgiving of diverse acoustical environments
Reduces reflections off the mixing console
Damping of break up modes brings low distortion at high sound levels
Linear pistonic motor gives a very low harmonic distortion even at high excursions
Any KH 120 is “pair matched” to any other KH 120


Free field frequency response ±6 dB      46 Hz … 24 kHz
Reproduction accuracy between 100 Hz and 10 kHz: 100%, 80%, 50% of loudspeakers produced  ±0.97; ±0.40; ±0.23 dB
Max. SPL calc. in half space at 3% THD at 1m (averaged between 100 Hz and 6 kHz)  111.1 dB SPL
Max. short term SPL with music material at 2.3 m in typical listening conditions (pair / full range)  97 dB(C) SPL
Analog input(s)        XLR: analog electronically balanced
Analog input impedance       10k Ohms in position 94/108 dB SPL at 1 m; 20k Ohms in position 100/114 dB SPL at 1 m
Max. input level        +24 dBu
Input gain control (sensitivity)  0 dB ... -15 dB
Output level control (output level in 1 m based on 0 dBu input level)   94; 100; 108; 114 dB SPL
Controller design        Analog; active
Protection circuitry        Independent thermo limiters for woofer, tweeter. Woofer soft clip and excursion limiters. Amplifier overheat.
Display: On; Normal Operation  Neumann logo “White”
Display: Limit / Clip / Errors / Protection /Boot Mute / Shut Down Mute   Neumann logo “Red”
Mains Power Supply: input voltage; frequency     100-240V; 50/60 Hz
Cabinet material        Aluminium
Woofer         130 mm (5.25") magnetically shielded with protecting black metal grille
Tweeter         25 mm (1") with protecting black metal grille
Mounting points        2 x M8 threaded inserts with 70 mm spacing on back panel; thread depth 15 mm (5/8”)
Product dimensions (height x width x depth)     277 x 182 x 220 mm
Product weight        6.4 kg


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