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Pearl Flutes
Šifra proizvoda : 42100605

Pearl Flutes PF-525 RBE Quantz Flute

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4561.6 HRK
Puna cijena:
4.561,60 kn
Bez PDV-a: 4.561,60 kn
Dostavljamo u United States
Cijena dostave: 284,00 kn
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 Head Joint Material: Nickel Silver
 B Foot: Yes
 Offset: Yes
 E Mechanism: Yes
 French Pointed Arms: Yes
 Flutes Machine Head: Nickel Silver, Silvered
 Flutes Body: German Silver Plated
 Flutes Type: Open Holes
 Lip Plate Material: Silver
 Riser Material: Silver
 Flutes Case/Gigbag: Yes
Opis The Pearl Quantz 525RBE Flute is a reliable and affordable instrument ideal for those starting out. Featuring a Silver plated body and headjoint with a Sterling Silver lip and riser, along with French-style open hole keys, ergonomic Split E and Offset G mechanisms and an extended "B" footjoint, this high quality student flute is versatile, responsive and fun to play, sure to satisfy most any player.


Body: Silver Plated
Lip Plate: Sterling Silver
Head Joint: Silver Plated
Foot Joint: Low B
E Mechanism: Split E
G Mechanism: Offset G
Tone Holes: Drawn
Keys: Open Hole


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